Selected Skills

Team Leading

Communication, Project Management, Moderation and Workshop Design

Problem Solving

Mathematics, Computer Science, Problem Formulation

Software Development

SCRUM, Test Driven Development, Code Review, CI and Git

General-purpose Programming

C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby and Haskell

High-performance Computing

CUDA, OpenMP and MPI

Numerical Programming

Numpy/Scipy, MATLAB, Julia and Fortran

Image Processing

OpenCV, scikit-image and vigra

Data Science

2D/3D Visualization, Pandas, Big Data Processing

Machine Learning

Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Scikit-learn and Tensorflow

Recent Publications

. Non-standard Analysis in Projective Geometry. Dissertation - Technical University Munich, 2019.

PDF Source Document

. Non-standard Analysis in Dynamic Geometry. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2019, 2018.

Preprint PDF Source Document

. Color and Flow Inpainting for Video Completion. GCPR, 2014.

PDF Code


Automatic Removal of Singularities in Geometric Construction

Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics - Web based visualization of mathematics